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Office Building LED Lighting Conversion

Office Building LED Lighting Conversion

Petroarmour delivered a LED Lighting conversion for a multi-story office complex based in Dubai. The project extended to all common areas inclusive of entrances, walk-ways, bathrooms and pantries with a focus on energy saving and colour temperature improvement.

The conversion used custom made 10 watt circular panels, 40 watt back-lit panels and 10 watt down-lights allowing an energy saving of 66% over the previously installed halogen, florescent and CFL fittings.

A consistent neutral and natural colour temperature was used throughout the commercial energy saving lighting project, gaining improved lux levels and appearance.

Petroarmour offer market leading and extensive lifetime and warranties on our industrial, commercial and outdoor LED lighting units.

Our products guarantee financial savings through reduced fossil fuel and electricity consumption whilst increasing power plant efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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LED Tower Light Retrofit Conversion in Dubai

LED Tower Light Retrofit

Petroarmour delivered an LED Tower Light Retrofit solution for an energy saving project to cut the costs of fuel, maintenance and consumables of diesel generator tower lights for a Dubai based construction company.

Petroarmour Trading FZE were able to utilize the industrial grade PA 320 LED’s to convert the traditional 1000 Watt Halide bulbs to save 44% in Fuel and 100% in consumable parts and bulbs.

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